Laleh Kazemi Veisari to Botkyrka

Laleh Kazemi Veisari accepted a commission for a school in Tullinge. Congratulations Botkyrka :-)

Carin Ellberg installation

Carin Ellberg installs her piece at Banslättskolan these days. MORE

EKTA 's Tornet i skogen

Daniel Götesson, aka EKTA, got a green light for his suggestion for the pre school Ametisten today.

Inauguration Maria Miesenberger

Maria Miesenbergers "Forced to a Change" was inaugurated today at Tingstorget. Thank you Maria! MORE

Uttran visit

The first visit to Uttran LSS-living in Botkyrka. Art installation during 2024.

Samaneh in Botkyrka

Visiting Eleonoraskolan with Samaneh Reyhani.

More artists to Botkyrka!!

So much more art to Botkyrka!

Congratulations Botkyrka!!!!

Fredrik Nielsen to Botkyrka

Congratulations Botkyrka – artist Fredrik Nielsen will create a lot of public art this coming year.

Ensta seniorboende

First visit to a new senior living in Ensta, Botkyrka. Wirth a fair budget, we identified some areas where art could be installed. Inauguration 2024.

Maria Miesenberger installation

Maria Miesenberger installed her piece "Forced to a Change" today. See more HERE

Anders Suneson to Botkyrka

The artist Anders Suneson will create a new public piece for Ensta pre school.
Congratulations Botkyrka.

Carin Ellberg presenting new art

Carin Ellberg (to the right) present a new art piece for Banslättskolan in Botkyrka. I assist (to the left) as principals and students watch. Installation spring 2024.

Botkyrka start the fall

Start meetings for all the different projects on public art in Botkyrka today.
Exciting stuff is coming up.

New projects for Botkyrka

Meetings today regarding Uttran, Anemonen, Posthagen and Ametisten – four new places that will receive new art. We are so intrigued finding out what will this will result in!

Inauguration Eva Hild

Eva holds piece "Super 8" is inaugurated at Falkbergskolan in Botkyrka today. Congratulations to all the students! MORE

Ney project in Botkyrka: Fittja torg

Visited Fittja torg together with Miriam Andersson Blecher today. Checking out the spot for a new art piece that will be installed when the new plaza is built in 2024 – and also on a lot of unusually problematic doves…

Maria Miesenberger marks the spot

We met up at Tingstorget today to prepare for Maria Miesenbergers public piece "Forced to a Change". Finally! Due to corona, this work is many years delayed and we really want to see it!

Eva Hild continues installing in Botkyrka

Installation day #2 for Eva Hild. Falkbergskolan can be so very happy!!

New project in Botkyrka

Tornbergsparken in Botkyrka will need some art – in 2024. No rush.

Eva Hilds piece reaches Botkyrka

Installation day #1 for Eva Hild in Botkyrka. Continuing next week.

New projects starting up

A number of meetings today; We start discussing the process fot a public art piece in Botkyrka, at Fittja torg, to be installed 2024. And I had a Strat meeting with Stockholms fritidsutvecklare regarding a follow up to Resonans. And last, but not least, I worked on a reportage together with Anders Wettler for Fakulteten, based on his studies at the Historical museum and the studio of Shabnam Faraee. So this fall starts of with a multitude of new angles. And yet I long for Jämtland, for work and the birds that soon will leave for warmer countries.

Eva Hild opening in Stockholm

Eva Hild, who will soon install her piece in Botkyrka, opens at GSA today.

Bumlingen is installed in Botkyrka

Jennifer Forsberg installed her piece Bumlingen in Banslättsparken, Botkyrka today. Welcome :-) MORE

Eva Hilds piece traveling from China

After a loooong corona-waiting, Eva Hilds piece for Botkyrka finally was packed up and sent for shipping to Sweden. Congratulations Falkbergskolan – your art is finally on its way. Thank you Eva for all your extensive efforts!

Jennifer Forsbergs art at the foundry

Jennifer Forsbergs piece "Bumlingen" for Banslättsparken in Botkyrka takes real form. It is never "sexy" in the foundry, but there is some kind of magic, when sketches, texts and discussions suddenly becomes real. Inauguration this year.

Muhammad Ali studio visit

Today, we visited Muhammad Alis studio to experience his work with VR, to hear about his upcoming exhibitions, to eat cakes ant to discuss the piece "Planthunter" that will be installed in Riksten. Amazing work. Thank you so much Muhammad.

Marco Cueva to Botkyrka

Marco Cueva will produce a new public art piece fot Botkyrka. He will integrate his nature oriented art with the new benches, where children will sit and listen about humans coexistence with nature, for decades to come.

Monika Goras art to Botkyrka

Monika Gora presented her suggestion for a public art piece in Botkyrka. It is very welcome :-)

Hoglsaby, second meeting

A second meeting regarding new public art at the Hoglsaby stone age center.

Jennifer Forsbergs piece on the way

Jennifer Forsberg is a step forward installing her piece in Botkyrka. Inauguration 2022!

Jennifer Forsbergs art to Botkyrka

Jennifer Forsberg presented her suggestion for Banslättsparken was accepted today.
Congratulations Botkyrka - inauguration spring 2022.

New project in Botkyrka: Hoglsaby

First meeting for a new public art in Botkyrka, connecting with Hoglsaby. Inauguration in a year.

Eva Hilds piece on its way

Foundation for Eva Hilds piece in Botkyrka being produced.

Eva Hilds piece for Botkyrka

Eva Hilds piece is ready for transport to Falkbergskolan in Botkyrkan. Installation this fall.

Frida Tebus new art work installed in Botkyrka

Frida Tebus piece Tvärsnitt is installed in Botkyrka. Congratulations Botkyrka! MORE

Jennifer Forsberg in Botkyrka

Jennifer Forsberg visits Banslättsparken in Botkyrka today for a new public piece. Installation 2022.

Discover an old artist book

When we visit Botkyrka art hall today, I discovered my old piece A Concise History of the Universe in their archive.
Lunch on Mandana Moghaddams public art before the exhibition by Cecilia Germain.

New public art in Botkyrka

New commission as art consultant in Botkyrka today. Inauguration fall 2022.

Jennifer Forsberg to botkyrka

Artist Jennifer Forsberg has accepted a commission in Botkyrka.
Congratulations Botkyrka.

Eva Hilds piece for Botkyrka

Eva Hilds work for Falkbergskolan in Botkyrka evolves, Super 8. Inauguration 2022!

New project in Botkyrka

Banslättsparken in Botkyrka will be rebuilt 2021 - 2022. We begin the process for public art today.

Shabnams art installed in Botkyrka

Shabnam Faraee installed her public piece in Botkyrka today. A long long road that Shabnam managed to bring over the finish line. MORE

Testing the light for Shabnams piece

Test of the light for Shabnams piece Solstjärna. Installation December.

Jacob Dahlgren installs his art in Botkyrka

Jacob Dahlgren installs his piece in Botkyrka today. MORE

Gunilla Bandolin installs art in Botkyrka

Gunilla Bandolin installs her piece Måsen in Botkyrka today.

Muhammad Alis suggestion for public art in Botkyrka

Muhammad Ali presented his suggestion for a public art piece in Riksten, Botkyrka today. It was accepted and he will now continue with his work "Planthunter".

Deciding the spot for Shabnams art

Discussing the spot for Shabnams art in Storvretsparken. MORE

Mandana Moghaddams art installed


Maria Miesenberger at Tingstorget

We met Maria Miesenberger at Tingstorget in Botkyrka, to plan her new art piece.
Turns out she had her birtday the day after, which was noticed in DN HERE

Two new public art pieces to Botkyrka

Two new public pieces of public art were approved in Botkyrka today:
Super-8 by Eva Hild and Solstjärna by Shabnam Faraee.
Inaugurations 2022 and 2020.

Thomas Nordström installes Let's go

Thomas Nordström installed his piece Let's Go at Rödstuhages sports stadium in Botkyrka.
Congratulations Botkyrka!

Frida Tebus art to Botkyrka

Botkyrka has accepted Frida Tebus suggestion for the pre school Opalen.
Inauguration winter 2020.

Jacob Dahlgrens art to botkyrka

Artist Jacob Dahlgrens suggestion Togetherness is approved for the pre school Vallmon in Botkyrka.
Congratulations Botkyrka!

Hanna Hedmans art accepted in Botkyrka

Hanna Hedman presented her art suggestion for Botkyrka today. Everybody welcomed it.
Inauguration this fall.

Mandanas art for Botkyrka

Mandana Moghaddams art piece for Botkyrka is to be installed this spring, behind Botkyrka art hall.

Reboot for Storvretspaken

Shabnam has to rethink her art for Storvretsparken in Botkyrka. Start meeting today.

Jacob Dahlgren to Botkyrka

Jacob Dahlgren accepts a commission for Vallmon pre school in Botkyrka.
Inauguration fall 2020.

New artists for Botkyrka

Four new artists has been invited for public art assignments in Botkyrka: Frida Tebus, Gunilla Bandolin, Eva Hild and Hanna Hedman.
Congratulations Botkyrka!

Test castings for Fittjahöjden public art

Stoneform has found a way to cast concrete with colored details. They will now produce Mandana Moghaddams art piece for Fittjahöjden.

Bims art installed

Bim Erikssons art is installed at Broängens spor center today. MORE

Botkyrka day

Botkyrka work today: Thomas Nordström presented his suggestion for Rödstuhage sport stadium, and then we discussed artists for Falkbergskolan, Toppstugan, Vallmon, Opalen and måsen. A lot of public art is coming up 2020!

Visiting Opalen

This new pre school need some art. Installation fall 2020.

New comission as consultant

New commission as consultant in Botkyrka: A housing with special service for adults, "Toppstugan 11"

Art for a future living area

Muhammad Ali visits Rikstens future living area to plan his public art for 2020.

Bims suggestion for Broängen is accepted

Bim Erikssons suggestion fot Broängen sportcenter is accepted. Inauguration fall 2019. MORE

This wall need some art

Bim Ericson are working on an art piece for this wall. Inauguration December.

Rödstuhage sports stadium

Visiting Rödstuhages sports stadium with Thomas Nordström. Inauguration of a new art piece spring 2020.

More asssignments in Botkyrka

Introduced to three new commissions in Botkyrka today. A very nice (somewhat late) birthday present.

Thomas Nordström to Botkyrka

Thomas Nordström will create a new piece for Rödstuhages new sports stadium. Inauguration 2020.

Muhammad Ali to Botkyrka

Muhammad Ali will create a new public piece for Riksten. Inauguration spring 2020.

Mandana's got a GO

Mandana can finally start producing her public work outside Botkyrka art hall.

Bim Eriksson to Botkyrka

Meeting with Bim today. She will create the new art piece for Broängen.
Congratulations Botkyrka.

Three new artists to Botkyrka

We start three new public art projects in Botkyrka, and the artists were decided today.
Congratulations Botkyrka.

A new fountain on the way

Shabnams suggestion for a new fountain in Storvretsparken is formally accepted. Congratulatons botkyrka.

Some goes up, some goes down

Removing all art from Falkbergsskolan before the rebuilding. Thank you Petri and Åsa.

Arts and Sports

I often compare (making) art with cooking or sports. Now we start two new projects in Botkyrka, where we produce public art for new sport sites.

Shabnams fontain accepted

Shabnam presented her suggestion for Storvretsparken, and it got a GO. More

Two new assignement in Botkyrka

Today we started two new public art projects in Botkyrka: Broängens sports center and Rödstuhage sports stadium.
Inaugurations spring 2020.

Shabnams art evolves

Shabnam is working on her fountain for Storvretsparken in Botkyrka. Inauguration 2020.

Citizen dialogue in Riksten

Arranging a citizen dialogue in Riksten regarding their future public art. MORE

Decisions on public art

Busy days in Botkyrka

A lot of public art in Botkyrka these days .
The new projects Riksten and Falkbergsskolan and the ongoings projects with Maria Miesenberger, Shabnam Faraee and Linda Bäckström.

Concrete and art

Visiting Stoneform with Kerstin and Mandana.

New assignment

Starting a new assignment as consultant in Botkyrka. New public art for Riksten coming up.

Place for art at Fittjahöjden

Discussing the place for Mandanas art piece for Fittjahöjden.

Art for Falkbergsskolan

We have started the process for new art in Botkyrka. Inauguration 2021.

Prolonged assignement in Botkyrka

I have signed on to continue as art consultant in Botkyrka.

Maria Miesenbergers suggestion for Botkyrka

The art council in Botkyrka accepted Maria Miesenbergers suggestion for Tingstorget.
Congratulations Botkyrka :-)

Shabnam event in Botkyrka

I helped Shabnam Faraee arrange this weekend event in Storvretsparken. A lot of new paintings and patterns! link

The art for Tingstorget is comming

Maria Miesenbergers art is coming to this new housing area.

The consultant work begins this fall

Thins fall is getting started: Shabnam in Storvreten, Lena at Oxelvägen, Mandana in Fittjahöjden, Maria for Tingstorget and more…

Shabnams process in Botkyrka

Shabnam Faraees work for Storvretsparken in Botkyrka is accessible through her new blog. Visit HERE

Backa Carin installs her work in Botkyrka

Backa Carins piece Speglingar was installed in Botkyrka today.
Thank you! more

Mandana Moghaddam to Botkyrka

Mandana will work with Fittjahöjden in almost two years. Congratulations Botkyrka!

Shabnam Faraee to Botkyrka

The reshaping of Storvretsparken in Botkyrka will include an extensive public art project.
Welcome Shabnam, and congratulations Botkyrka!

Backa Carin in Botkyrka

Backa Carin Ivarsdotters suggestion for a public art piece in Botkyrka is accepted. Installation this summer.

More snowy parks

Another park In Botkyrka, Storvretsparken. Visiting the place for the new art hall with Kerstin to discuss the public art piece.

Snowy Storvretsparken

Visited Storvretsparken in Botkyrka for the first time today. Planning an investigative art process 2018 - 2019.

With Backa Carin to Botkyrka

Many things became clear when we visited the place for Backa Carins new piece; the great oak woods, for instance, is a small grove.

New assignements as a consultant

I started two new assignments as an art consultant in Botkyrka today; Fittjahöjden and Storvretsparken.

Maria Miesenberger to Botkyrka

Visiting Tingstorget with Maria Miesenberger today. Inauguration 2019.

Backa Carin Ivarsdotter to Botkyrka

It was decided today that Backa Carin Ivarsdotter will create an art piece for the LSS housing Lugnet in Botkyrka.
Congratulations Botkyrka.

Inauguration: Linda Bäckström

Inauguration for Linda Bäckströms piece DINO at Sörgården pre school! MORE

Tingstorget takes shape

And it will require some art.

Lindas work gets its colors

Lindas work for Sörgården is lacquered today. MORE

Älvgräs installed

Johanna Byström Sims have installed her piece today. MORE

New projects in Botkyrka and Nacka

Lugnet in Botkyrka and Boo gårds preschool in Nacka need some art.

In the foundry

The children at Sörgården pre school visits the foundry where Linda Bäckströms piece takes shape.

Johanna Sims to create "Älvgräs"

The art council of Botkyrka has accepted Johanna Sims suggestion Sjögräs for Stigbygeln. Inauguration this fall.

Workshop for Sörgården

The children of Sörgården pre school engages in the colors for Linda Bäckströms piece.

Public art for Botkyrka

Johanna Sims presents her suggestion for Stigbygeln in Botkyrka today.

New assignment as consultant

New assignment as an art consultant in Botkyrka, inauguration 2019.

Public art in Nacka and Botkyrka

First meeting for Myrsjöskolan in Nacka; Johanna Sims got a commission in Botkyrka.

Sörgården evolves, as the art

Linda Bäckström visits the preschool Sörgården with Hella.

New assignement in Botkyrka

The LSS-housing Stigbygeln need some art. Process started.

Linda Shamma public art

Linda Shamma has installed her adjusted piece for Vreta pre school, Botkyrka. Thanks Linda. MORE

Linda present her work for Botkyrka

Linda Bäckström present her suggestion for Sörgården pre school this evening. Now we get going! Inauguration 2017.

Wow - some weeks

Kännbart is traveling to Rättvik, we enroll some new "förstärkare"; I build a new piece with Mari Kretz for Satsuma Kustantamo, two public art projects in Botkyrka – with Linda Shamma and Linda Bäckström – are on its way to realization, Roland Perssons public piece in Nacka is soon inaugurated, the art competition for Nackasalen, between Lisa Jeannin + Rolf Schuurmans and Fredrika Linder is soon decided, a new project in Nacka starts, I start a project with Linda Shamma, KC Öst is starting up, WIP:sthlm has new projects, and great meetings at SU and with Osynlig utställning. To mention but a few :-)

News: Art consultant

Sörgården, Botkyrka

In 15 months this place will be a great new preschool, with great new art.

New assignments

Art consultant: Prolonged contract as consultant in Botkyrka.
Art consultant: The new pre school Sörgården in Botkyrka need some public art.
Supermarket: Cooperation on KC Öst's participation.

Arijana Kajfes to Botkyrka

The installation begins for Arijana Kajfes work at Violen pre school.

New public art for Dynamiten

Ylva Landoff Lindberg installs her public art for Dynamiten today.

Presentation x2

Arijana Kajfes and Linda Shamma presented their suggestions for public art in Botkyrka tonight. The art council approved of both ideas, which will be inaugurated in spring. (Image: detail of Arijanas suggestion.)

The piece for Vreta takes form

The public piece for Vreta pre school, by Linda Shamma, is taking form. Today: Carina, Hugo and I portray animals on location.

Meeting with Linda Shamma

A good place to work: meeting with Linda Shamma about her public work in Botkyrka.

Ylvas public art accepted

Ylva Landoff Lindbergs suggestion for an outdoor art piece at Dynamiten, was accepted by Botkyrkas art council today.

Hugo working

Second son at work. First meeting at Violen in Botkyrka with head of the pre school Susanne and with artist Arijana Kajfes. Then studio time.

Two new artists to Botkyrka

Two artists were chosen in Botkyrka this rainy night: Linda Shamma Östrand, for Vreta pre school, and Arijana Kajfes for Violen pre school. Congratulations Botkyrka!

Botkyrka today

Vreta pre school chose which artists they want to work with. Violen pre school chose what kind of art they want. And the snow came again.

Botkyrka: Vreta and Violen

Two meetings in Botkyrka today: Public art for Vreta pre school and for Violen pre school. Exciting points of departure in both projects, artists will be chosen this winter.

Meeting with Ylva

Ylva Landoff Lindberg got a project for public art in Botkyrka. We met today for a first meeting and we think her piece will be installed autumn 2014. Looking forward to that! (Image: Ylva Landoff Lindberg: Detail from "After Your Heart Stopped Beating")

Artist chosen in Botkyrka

This is where it is decided: What artist gets the public project in Botkyrka, and who doesn't? Today: Ylva Landoff Lindberg for the project Dynamiten. Congratulations!

Botkyrka all day long

1. Meeting with Miriam regarding the overall work and structure with public art in Botkyrka.
2. Meeting regarding Violen, a new pre school in Botkyrka.
3. Meeting regarding the pre school Vreten in Botkyrka.

Two new projects in Botkyrka

Today two new projects in Botkyrka started: Violen pre school and Vreten pre school.

Start up for Dynamiten

My first assignment as an art consultant in Botkyrka start to roll. First meeting today about what kind of art we want, were.

First project as art consultant in Botkyrka

I begin planning the art for "Dynamiten" - The Dynamite - as my first job as an art consultant in Botkyrka.

Interview in Botkyrka

Applied for the job as an art consultant in Botkyrka. Interview today. Result next week.