Filming in Nacka

Working with Emma-Lina Ericson in Nacka today, as we start a program for Pallarp.
My oldest son Max participates in the film, and will inform the viewers about the water tower and the art by Pallarp.
Publikation June 2022.

Planning work for Nacka

Meeting today where I plan different projects for Nacka.

New work in Nacka

Meeting today where we discussed some new projects in Nacka.

Hate to tell you I told you so

Public art in Nacka since the reorganization:
SVT 5/9 2019 LINK
Expressen 6/9 LINK
Dagens Nyheter 8/9 2019 LINK
Svenska Dagbladet 12/9 2019 LINK
Dagens Nyheter 1/10 2019 LINK
Dagens nyheter 17/10 LINK
SVT 17/10 2019 LINK
Dagens nyheter 15/12 LINK

Installation by Lena Flodman

Lena Flodman installs her pence "House on Boots" in Nacka. More

Left unfinnished

Due to the reorganization of the public art in Nacka, I have to leave some projects. The best of luck to Bigert&Bergren at Boo gårds skola, Mats Olofgörs for Myrsjöskolan and Gunilla Poignant for Kristallen. Congratulations Nacka, for all arriving art.

Decisions on public art

Today we plan for Tingstorget in Botkyrka and Boo gårds school in Nacka.

Bigert & Bergströms suggestion for Nacka

Bigert & Bergström presented their great suggestion for the future Boo gårds skola in Nacka.
"Like a jewel" someone said.

Moving art

The piece "Illusion"by Backa Carin Ivarsdotter has to be moved. Planning for 2019.

The consultant work begins this fall

Thins fall is getting started: Shabnam in Storvreten, Lena at Oxelvägen, Mandana in Fittjahöjden, Maria for Tingstorget and more…

KRO regarding public art in Nacka

Nacka has changed its routines for public art.
Here is KRO's reply link

Inauguration, Ebba Bohlin

Ebba Bohlins piece Tillblivelse was installed and inaugurated at Utskogens pre school today.
Great work everybody! more

Lena Flodmans suggestion for Nacka

Congratulations Nacka and Oxelvägens pre school.

Bigert & Bergström to Nacka

Bigert & Bergström accept a commission for the new Boo gårds school in Nacka.

"Tillblivelse" takes shape

The public piece "Tillblivelse" ("Genesis") by Ebba Bohlin takes shape. Inauguration at Utskogen pre school in June.

More art for Nacka

Visiting Oxelvägen today with Lena Flodman to research the place for her upcoming art piece.

Installation day, Ältadalen pre school

Irina installs her two part art work at Ältadalens pre school today.

Even more snow and more art

Visiting Ältadalens preschool with Irina My Ahrenstedt. Installation this easter.

Lena Flodman to Nacka

Oxelvägen pre school chose Lena Flodman for a new public art piece.
And Lena accepted! Congratulations Nacka!

"Simsalabim" to Nacka

Irina My Ahrenstedt presents her suggestion for Ältadalens pre school. Everybody enthusiastically agreed. Inauguration May 2018.

Folder for Nacka

Using this Sunday to produce a folder fot Nacka, regarding all the public social projects we have worked on since 2012.

Inauguration Jans plats

Inauguration in Fisksätra today: The final chapter Jans plats in the ten year project Fisksätra mönsterarkiv by WiklundWiklund.

Gunilla Poignant to Nacka

Gunilla Poignant accept a commission for public art at the future Kristallen pre school in Nacka.
Congratulations Nacka :-)

New project in Nacka

The future pre school by Oxelvägen need some art. The process start today.

Ebba Bohlins suggestion accepted

Ebba Bohlin presents her suggestion for a public art piece in Nacka. All present loved it.

Mats suggestion for Myrsjöskolan

Mats Olofgörs presents his suggestion for an art piece for Myrsjöskolan.

Irina to Nacka

Irina My Ahrenstedt will create a new piece for Ältadalens pre school in Nacka.
Congratulations Nacka.

Ebba Bohlin to Nacka

Visiting Utskogen new preschool today together with artist Ebba Bohlin, planning her public art.

Long hard hat day


Ebba Bohlin to Nacka

Ebba Bohlin has accepted an assignment for public art at Utskogens new pre school.
Congratulations Nacka.

New project in Nacka, Ältadalen

The construction of Ältadalens pre school is almost completed. Time to choose art.

Two projects in Nacka today

First: Start up meeting for the new Kristallen pre school. Inauguration 2019.
Second: Deciding the kind of art for Utskogen new pre school. Inauguration 2017.

Mats Olofgörs to Nacka

It was decided today that artist Mats Olofgörs will create the art for the new Myrsjöskolan. Congratulations Nacka!

Nackas new webpages

Visits Nackas new art web page and realizes that most of the images are from my projects :-)

Art for a new pre school

Visiting the new Utskogen pre school today.

Nacka, WIP and Kännbart

A week with Nacka, Kännbart and WIP. (Image: Tankar tar form by Fredrika Linder)

New assignment: Utskogen

They build the new Utskogen pre school in Nacka. As a consultant I'm responsible for the art.

Texts for the exhibition by Lisa and Rolf

Writing texts for Lisa Jeannins and Rolf Schuurmans exhibition in Nacka. Read HERE

Public art in Nacka and Botkyrka

First meeting for Myrsjöskolan in Nacka; Johanna Sims got a commission in Botkyrka.

All work and some play....

A compact work day with Kännbart, WIP and Nacka ends at Scenkonstmuseets grand opening.

Light on Trädkåtan

The public piece Trädkåtan by Daniela Hedman got its spotlights today.

WiklundWiklund suggestion accepted

It was decided today that WiklundWiklunds proposal for a new art piece in Fisksätra should be placed at the square.

Inauguration of new art in Nacka

Fredrika Linder has installed a new art piece in Nackasalen, Nacka – inauguration today! MORE

New art by WiklundWiklund

WiklundWiklund suggest a new chapter for Fisksätra mönsterarkiv. Presentation today.

Installation in Nackasalen

Fredrika Linder begins the installation of a new art piece in Nackasalen.

Daniela installation in Nacka

Daniela Hedman installs her piece Trädkåtan in Nacka today.

inauguration Roland Persson

Inauguration in Nacka for a new piece by Roland Persson. More information here>> and my text here>>

Danielas art aproved

It was officially decided today that artist Daniela Hedmans suggestion for Lännbohöjden will be installed. Inauguration January.

Fredrika Linder to Nacka

Congratulations Nacka - it was decided today that artist Fredrika Linder got the commission for Nackasalen.

Wow - some weeks

Kännbart is traveling to Rättvik, we enroll some new "förstärkare"; I build a new piece with Mari Kretz for Satsuma Kustantamo, two public art projects in Botkyrka – with Linda Shamma and Linda Bäckström – are on its way to realization, Roland Perssons public piece in Nacka is soon inaugurated, the art competition for Nackasalen, between Lisa Jeannin + Rolf Schuurmans and Fredrika Linder is soon decided, a new project in Nacka starts, I start a project with Linda Shamma, KC Öst is starting up, WIP:sthlm has new projects, and great meetings at SU and with Osynlig utställning. To mention but a few :-)

Visiting BoKlok with Daniela

With Daniela Hedman at BoKloks project in Lännbohöjden, Nacka. New art in 2016.

New assignment in Nacka

There are major plans for the central parts of Nacka. I am to write a new analysis for the possibilities of art.

New assignement as consultant

A new housing area is being built in Lännbohöjden, Nacka by BoKlok. A fast project for public art has started.

Roland presents his art

Final check. Roland Persson presents his art for Lotsen pre school. See more>>

News: Art consultant

Inauguration Långsjöodjuret

Opening for Långsjöodjuret by Torbjörn Berg in Nacka today. See more>>

Roland at KKV

With Roland Persson to see his work in progress for a public installation at Lotsen pre school in Nacka. Great energy!!

Torbjörn Berg in Nacka

Visiting Torbjörns work at Långsjöskolan today with Nanna Leth.

Installation of Torbjöns sculpture

Installation of the sculpture by Torbjörn Berg for Långsjö pre school begin.

New assignment in Nacka

It was decided today that Nackasalen will receive a new site specific art piece.

Lotsen grows

The pre school Lotsen grow and with it the art piece by Roland Persson.

Sculptures in Transformation

Roland Perssons suggestion "Skulpturer i omvandling" ("Sculptures in Transformation") is accepted for Lotsen. Inauguration August 2016.

Presentation: New art for Nacka

Artist Torbjörn Berg presented his suggestion for a new art piece for Långsjöns pre school in Nacka today.
It was gladly accepted and inauguration is this fall.

Inauguration ROSE

Artist Monika Larsen Dennis (Photo: Nanna Leth)

Torbjörn Berg to Nacka

Långsjö pre school chose artist Torbjörn Berg today, for a new permanent art piece.
Welcome to Nacka, Torbjörn.

Analysis for Nackasalen

Delivered an analysis for Nackasalen, Nacka today. How to - or not to - install art there.

Roland Persson to Nacka

We chose artist for a new public assignment in Nacka: Welcome Roland Persson to Lotsen pre school. Inauguration 2016

Three projects, one day in Nacka

Three projects in Nacka today:
- Meeting about the art for Lotsen pre school
- Visiting Nacka stadshus where we need new art
- Traveling to Järla school to examine their new piece

ROSE installed

Monika Larsen Dennis ROSE for Järla skola was installed today. Part of the piece flying here.

New place for public art

  • Lotsen - new pre school and new art 2016

Visiting Makraoni

Thanks Malou, Nadja and Mattias for sharing Makaroni with me and Max today. Love at first sight.

Inauguration Anna Svensson

Inauguration today for Anna Svenssons piece Kurragömma at Isis preschool. more>>

Monika Larsen Dennis to Nacka

The large sculpture for Järla school is under production. Each dove a full size bench for the kids to sit on.

Analysis for Nacka strand

Delivered my first analysis for public art in future Nacka strand.

To a new project in Nacka


Analysis for Henriksdal

Handed in my analysis for the expanding Henriksdal today. Finally!

Monika Larsen Dennis in Nacka

Monika Larsen Dennis suggestion for a public art piece at Järla skola was admitted today. Inauguration this fall.

More public art with Hugo

Today at Järla school in Nacka, with a presentation by Monika Larsen Dennis.

Analysis for Henriksdal

Hello Henriksdal. You will get 2 000 new apartments and I will analyze what kind of art you need where.

Concept for public art

Today we decided the what-where-when regarding art for Järla skola. In two weeks, we choose the artist.
(Also had a really exciting meeting with Klara and Katarina regarding Plania)

Analysis for Plania

Plania in Nacka will grow in a couple of years. I begin the analysis for public art.

Three new projects in Nacka

One BIG and two small.

More press for Älta

An article about the finished work by Åsa Elieson for Älta kulturknut. Somewhat annoying but ok. more>> (Scroll down)

Inauguration in Älta

Finally Åsa Eliesons piece Vi, de levande (We, the living) is inaugurated at Älta kulturknut. More>>

Two good touchdowns

First today: Great meeting with Musik- och Teatermuseet, regarding the future project at Skansen.
Then made a video interview with Åsa Elieson at WIP, for the opening at Älta kulturknut tomorrow.

"Vi, de levande" for Älta

"Vi, de levande" ("We, the Living") is a video walk piece by Åsa Elieson. It will be augured 8 Jan 2014 as a new public art piece made specifically för Älta kulturknut. It is partly based upon Åsas performance work in Älta this fall. (I am the art consultant.) Today we met to do the walk for the very first time. Thank you Åsa!

Two meatings in Nacka

Two meetings in Nacka today: First, where to place art of Simka; Second, strategies for Kvarnholmen.

Sunday walk - talk

On the belly: a son + In the ears: Lil Wayne + From the iPhone: How to organize the public art by Henkan = Sunday walk

Project at Järla skola starts

Met the student council at Järla skola today. They showed me around, told me about their school and we talked about art. We hope to install a new piece within a year.
Two of their suggestions: A Ben and Jerry-pool that keeps filling up with ice cream; Bricks on the ground that you can walk on, and if you step on the wrong one, you'll fall into a pit of snakes.

Åsa Elieson #2 in Älta

The other part of Åsa Eliesons performance art as public art starts today in Älta, as herr Barkman enters.

Inspection Anna Svenssons piece

Visiting Anna Svenssons piece "Kurragömma" at Isis pre school today. Together with Mats and Max it was decided that the piece met with all possible requirements. Thank you once again Anna, and congratulations Isis!

Press for Åsa Elison in Älta

The local press writes about Åsa Eliesons public art project in Älta. More>>

Anna Svensons piece installed

Anna Svensson installed her piece for Isis pre school today. Great work Anna, really!

Public art for Älta kulturknut

Åsa Eliesons second performance act, as public art, is being announced.

Anna Svensson with her art

Anna Svensson works with the public piece for Isis preschool. (Photo: Anna Svensson)

Åsa Eliesons project is public


Åsa Elieson to Älta

Åsa Eliesons suggestion for a public art event at Älta kulturknut was accepted by all parties today. An exciting autumn awaits us.

Anna Svenssons at Isis

Anna Svenssons proposal for public art at Isis pre school is approved today. Inauguration in December.


A lot of work with Nacka these days. Artists Anna Svensson and Åsa Elieson both prepare for next week when they present suggestions for two very different pieces of public art, at Isis förskola and Älta kulturknut. I also work with adjusting my analysis Kvarnholmen and I prepare for the project at Järla skola.

Art at Kulingen moves

The solution to move the art by Kerstin Schild at preschool Kulingen has been accepted and the process began today. Thanks everybody.

First meeting at Järla skola

There is a reasonable budget for art at Järla skola. We had a first meeting today and will start the work in September, choosing an artist before christmas and have an inauguration summer 2014. Good fun.

Älta kulturknut meet the artist

The board for Älta kulturknut met me, Nanna Leth (responsible for public art in Nacka) and artist Åsa Elieson today. Many questions about performance art and good discussions about the possibilities that art has. This will be an exciting autumn.

Dinner befor the summer

Dinner with Nanna and Helene (responsible for public art in Nacka) and Ola (also art consultant) before we take a break this summer.

Performance as public art

Älta kulturknut chose an artist to work with their young visitors this fall, in a public art project. They chose performance artist Åsa Elieson and we met this evening to go through documents and formalia. At Mood, of course ;-)

Nacka this week #3

Today it was decided upon that Åsa Elieson will get the commission for public art at Älta kulturknut. It was a really tough competition with other great artists on the table, but we are all really excited about the opportunity to work with performance art on the public art scene.

Nacka this week #2

Isis pre school and artist Anna Svensson met today and they agreed that Anna shall create the art for their outdoor space.

Nacka this week #1

A lot of Nacka this week. Today:
- Meeting with Nanna Leth, responsible for public art.
- Planning the future for three tigers by Issef.
- First contact regarding the new art project at Järla school.
- Preparations for artist meeting at Isis preschool tomorrow.
- A great meeting with Helene Burmeister and Bastian Vreede regarding Kvarnholmen.

This place need some art!

The work group at Isis preschool met with me today to choose an artist to work with this place.

Public art 2012 in Nacka

This morning started with a selected presentation of public art in Nacka 2012. Hans Peterson (on stage), Hanna Stahle and I (presenting Lina Perssons project at Sickla skola) took turns at Nacka kommunhus.

Different projects in Nacka this week

These last days we have discussed several projects in Nacka:
  • What kind of art do we need at Isis pre school? Reasoning led us to a certain focus and we will probably choose an artist May 17, to work with their outdoor environment.
  • Älta kulturknut has limited time now to include their children (80% of all visitors) in an art project. Perhaps we will choose an artist May 23?
  • Budget for the prestigious art project at Kvarnholmen. Sketch is done, lets evaluate it!
  • Kulingen pre school need to reorganize their spaces. What about the art they've got?

Two meetings in Nacka

One meeting on how to remove an art piece in a pre school that has outgrown its former use,
One meeting on how to install an art piece in a pre school that has just opened up.
See how these things work...

Texts for Nacka

Preparing a print regarding public art in Nacka 2012, and my texts about Lina Persson and Amalia Årfelt are approved by all involved.

The art project at Älta kulturhus--- lives

New meeting with new person-in-charge.

A new project at Isis

We are starting a new project in Nacka, for walls in Isis pre school. We had our first meeting today.

Inauguration Lina Persson


Inauguration för Lina Perssons work at Sickla skola, Nacka.
Honored to have been the art consultant for this.

Art for Kvarnholmen

2 500 new homes are being built at Kvarnholmen, Nacka. I am to suggest an art program. Visited the place today - wow...

Pasted Graphic

Analysis for Nobelberget

My analysis for art in the future building area Nobelberget is completed. It will be interesting to see how the area developes these coming years.

Installation at Vilans pre school

Olle Magnusson installes his piece Krumbukten at Vilans förskola in Nacka. Poor Olle has had three art consultants since his project started, but now the piece is where it should be and there will be an inauguration later in November.

Inauguration Tattby preschool


Inauguration today for ”Djuret” by Amalia Årfelt at Tattby pre school in Nacka. Two other animals are introduced by Amalia at this new pre school in this project and we are all happy about it!

Backa Carin Ivarsdotter installes piece at Kristallen


Backa Carin Ivarsdotter has installed her public piece Illusion at Kristallen pre school.
My introducing text for inauguration More>>
(Photo:Manne Eriksson)

Lina Perssons suggestion is approved


Lina Perssons suggestion for a dining room at Sickla school was approved today. It is a beautiful idea, based upon our different expectations of how the future might be. (Photo:Po Hagström)

Public art with Lina Persson

After a meeting today all agreed that Lina Persson will suggest a public art piece for the dining room at Sickla skola, Nacka.

Amalia Årfelt project presentation


Amalia Årfelt presents her idea for public art at the new pre school in Tattby, Nacka. The work group accepted it as we spoke. (Photo: Po Hagström)

New projects in Nacka

I am responsible for three ongoing projects in Nacka, as an art consultant: Ryssvikens preschool, Kristallens preschool and Vilans preschool.

Amalia Årfelt commission in nacka

Amalia Årfelt gets a commission to create site specific art for the new pre school in Tattby, Nacka, Stockholm.

Art for the Da Vinci school

A new project begins in Nacka, at the Da Vinci school.

Art for new housings at Nobel-berget


We begin the planning for a new area of buildings in Nacka, Nobel-berget. Link>>

Sickla school

Meeting at Sickla school, regarding art for their dining room.

Art for a new kindergarden in Tattby

First meeting with the work group for the new christian kindergarden in Tattby. We plan the outdoor art. Inauguration summer 2012. (Photo: Po Hagström)


Art consultant in Nacka

I have begun to work as an art consultant in Nacka kommun, Stockholm.
First out are six new projects, of which four will be inaugurated this summer.
This feels somewhat like coming home. I had my first solo exhibition in Nacka, 1075 and counting, and TA PLATS! is presently showing in Nacka as well. And I will have Ola Nilsson as a colleague again which is always great.
2012 – here I come.