Leaving KC Öst

After six years as a member of the board at KC Öst, I leave this important challenging work to a new crew.

Wow - some weeks

Kännbart is traveling to Rättvik, we enroll some new "förstärkare"; I build a new piece with Mari Kretz for Satsuma Kustantamo, two public art projects in Botkyrka – with Linda Shamma and Linda Bäckström – are on its way to realization, Roland Perssons public piece in Nacka is soon inaugurated, the art competition for Nackasalen, between Lisa Jeannin + Rolf Schuurmans and Fredrika Linder is soon decided, a new project in Nacka starts, I start a project with Linda Shamma, KC Öst is starting up, WIP:sthlm has new projects, and great meetings at SU and with Osynlig utställning. To mention but a few :-)

KC Öst summer meeting

The annual KC Öst meeting in Bosses garden.

Responsible for KC Öst at Supermarket

This year I was responsible for the KC Öst presence at Supermarket.
Material by Bosse, Anna, and Lisen. (Photo: Malena Zigla)

Annual meeting KC Öst

I enroll for two more (last) years on the board. Link>>

New assignments

Art consultant: Prolonged contract as consultant in Botkyrka.
Art consultant: The new pre school Sörgården in Botkyrka need some public art.
Supermarket: Cooperation on KC Öst's participation.

New web page for KC ÖST

KC Öst, where I am a member of the board, has a brand new web page, check it out here>>
(Made by Mari Kretz (together with Åsa Andersson Broms and Åsa Elieson from KC Öst)

Annual meeting KC Öst

Really important and successful annual meeting for KC Öst.

KC Öst meeting in Uppsala

KC Öst had a meeting in Uppsala today. Guided tour on public art, meeting, dinner and (as usual) Hugo in focus.

KC öst board

KC Öst members of the board has the last meeting before the summer.

Årsmöte KC Öst.


Two good meetings today and...

Two good meetings today and one bad:
+ Kulturfyren - very cool ladies and very cool project!
+ KC Öst - a great board, glad to be a part of it.
- My son Max had to be carried crying from pre school after puking.
All left some marks.

Final meeting before summer

KC Öst meet one last time before closing down for the summer. In Bo's beautiful garden.

Lasse & Heikki's flexible art

Lasse och Heikki have started Danderyd art hall and are now developing a new system for flexible art. We had a meeting with them (as representatives for KC Öst) and they explained to us how their system would work.

KC Öst annual meeting

Annual meeting at KC Öst (where I am a member of the board). This picture captures how we thank the former CO Astrid Bäckström. Tonight we also welcomed the new CO Lotte Sederholm.

Golden You folder delivered


Meeting KC Öst

KC Öst meeting where we prepare the annual meeting next week.
We celebrate that we have a member responsible for the economy and we find a new CO.
Need I say that we found both thanks to me :-)

Dinner for those participating at Golden You

Such a great evening with those who participated at the Golden You project with Åsa Elieson. Thank you!

Golden You Recruitment Agency

Pasted Graphic 6Pasted Graphic 7Pasted Graphic 8

Opening day Supermarket: Working with Åsa Elieson for KC Öst with the Golden You project. Here with amazing Grant Calder.

Building at Supermarket with Åsa Elieson

Åsa Elieson and I start building the physical part of KC Öst’s part of 2013 Supermarket.

Pasted Graphic 3
Pasted Graphic 4

Planning for Supermarket

KC Öst will be part of Supermarket in February 2013. Åsa Elieson and I plan the event. Watch out!

KC Öst at Supermarket 2013

KC Öst will be a part of Super Market 2013.

KC Öst has a visionary meeting

Since most of us in the board are new, we had a meeting oday regarding what we want to do with KC Öst. It was a great meeting since the members of the board are so cool and hungry for new ways to work. It feels as i this could lead to sometihng good.

New assignment: Board member at KC Öst

I am now member of the board at KC Öst.