As I’m a slow worker regarding my own art, I’ve decided to show some of the work in progress here.
What the hell am I doing? If you have a studio, you know that its not so obvious all the time…
Yet, here are some of the leads that I follow in my studio.

Om stjärnorna slocknar
In 20 years, we might not be Abel to se the star constellations any more. I have begun a work on that, on different continents. MORE

I have been here before
I strive to know about my family, my past and my mother. It is not an art project, but it seem as it still result in art of some sort… MORE

Patetiken / Pathos
During some years I have indulged myself in that which is pathetic, striving to avoid the results to be pathetic themselves. MORE

I am not sure whether I'm any good at drawing – but I do it…

Alla hjältar
I have been working on this graphic novel together with A.K. Westin for ten years. MORE

Collision Frequency Increased
For more than 20 years I’ve been collecting news about animals. Because of how we have used animals (living, extinct and imagined) for 200 000 years. MORE

Alla böcker är en bok / All Books are One Book
A project where I transform all the books I have ever read, into one book. MORE