74 ink paintings


My mother left a lot of jam and pickled vegetables in the basement before she died. As a part of my work, connecting with mom, I am documenting her work of family providing.
The last cans was dated September 1995, just a few months before she died. She knew she was dying, but still provided. Naturally. Thank you mom, for providing. Thank you love, for pointing it out.


There are 74 ink paintings of 83 cans.
The cans my mother used are those she saved from every day life, such as baby food, salsa, jam, mustard, etc. And for the most part, she used what grew around us; gooseberry, rowanberry, lingonberry, currant, etc.
And all the cans has aged in different ways, which has added to their individuality. They are painted in the order that I carried them out of the cellar, and installed in that order. That means, the oldest cans are not necessarily in the beginning of this installment, and mothers last jam is not necessarily in the end. They are all painted during spring 2022, around the clock in the same room at Brogård, Jämtland.

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Discussions the process, jam, my mother, gardening and much more with Berit Henriksson and Macarena.