Installation (1075 books), digital print (59,5x99 cm) in light box, 1075 collectors cards and multiple as plastic bag.

Central for ”1075 and counting” are all the books that I have read in my life, in chronological order. These books are basically a self portrait through time, or a self portrait with spots, you might say, as a large amount of the presented litterature are things you really are not to proud of. But the more time the visitor spent with the peice, the more it reminded him or her of a vanitas, of a thypical limited human orientation.

Each book was given a ”collectors card” of its own, sorted chronologically in three binders. On the 1075 cards there are pictures of the books, date and time for when it was read, a grade and often a short text about the circumstances for when it was read.

A light sign in the art hall showed the digital print ”Primordial Soup” (60x99 cm).

In the connected library, the ordinary library bags were exchanged for the multiple ”Max i en trojansk bokhylla” (”Max in a Troyan book shelf”), which allowed people to buy a piece of art for 2 sek to carry home their library books in.

Exhibition: ”1075 and counting”, solo exhibition, Dieselverkstan, Nacka, Sweden link>>