Power Landscapes

Walk Talk Pizza


At Pizzeria Stora vikingen, Mariatorget, Stockholm
Event with The New Beauty Council and R a k e t a as part of Power Landscapes.

Release Power Landscapes catalogue

The first release of the Power Landscape catalogue in Stockholm.
Layout: Fredrik Andersson (Pangea); collaboration Stockholm university and Botkyrka konsthall; Artists Katja Aglert, Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans, The New Beauty Council, Antonio Scarponi, Julia Adzuki and Kultivator. Financed by Stockholm stad.

"Kan växter bli politiska?"


"Hur kan vi återta politiken i den 'gröna ekonomin'?"


As a part of ”Power Landscapes / Planet Blue”, Linda Soneryd arranged the open semiar at ABF in Stockholm tonight.
Adrienne Sörbom from Södertörn, Samuel Jarrick from Klimataktion and Per Gahrton from Cogito participated. (Photo:Po Hagström)

Meeting with Raketa and NBC

In December the Planet Blue project will result in a public event in Stockholm, together with Raketa and The New Beauty Council.
Tonights meeting made a few things clearer, and opened up a lot of possibilities.
Looking forward to this.

Planet Blue to phase 3

Planet Blue is being dismantled at Botkyrka konsthall today, in order to travel as a project into Stockholm again.

Individual responibility for consumer power

Discussion: The responsibility and the basis of the individual, regarding consumer power

Samtal i samband med utställningen Den blå planeten- en grön utställning i Botkyrka konsthall. På olika sätt förväntas vi som enskilda individer och konsumenter ta ansvar för komplexa miljöfrågor som klimatförändring.
Magnus Boström, sociolog, Södertörns högskola, har bland annat forskat om grön konsumtion och miljömärkning samt Ylva Uggla, sociolog, Örebro universitet, som forskat om miljövänliga livsstilar, diskuterar dessa frågor med konstnären Julia Adzuki som genom SymbioLab väcker frågor kring miljö och livsstil. Samtalsledare: Linda Soneryd.

Workshop The New Beauty Council and Tillväxt


As part of Planet Blue, The New Beauty Council and Tillväxt had a workshop today, on how to organize a forest garden. (Photo:Thérèse Kristiansson)

Catalogue for Power Landscapes

The catalogue for Power Landscapes / Planet Blue is ready. Layout by Fredrik Andersson at FamiljenPangea. My text is here>>

Fittja Open opening

Opening today, Fittja open, part of Planet Blue / Power Landscapes. (Photo:Symbiolab)

Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans work grows

The work of Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans at Planet Blue expands. In addition to their ”Insiktstorn” (Insight Tower), there is now a 14 min video. Amazing work, and it is partly based on research from the NESS conference 2011.

Fittja Open is planned

The program for Fittja Open – part of Planet Blue – takes shape. I will primarily work with events connected to Planet Blue, such as the development of the exhibition, lectures, the catalogue etc.

Opening Planet Blue

Urban farming, eco architecture, food performances and green activism. In the shadow of ongoing climate change the exhibition Planet blue examines how we live, eat, consume and build our communities in the most unexpected ways and places. We have invited artists, architects, designers and environmentalists to test and present their ideas to a greater public. Botkyrka’s allotment gardens, social scientists, and students – they all come together and collaborate in an exhibition that runs from May to October. Together we cultivate and harvest, discuss and dream our way into a shared future in Botkyrka.

Artists: Julia Adzuki, Katja Aglert, Parasto Backman, Lisa Jeannin och Rolf Schuurmans, Kultivator, The New Beauty Council och Tillväxt, Open Restaurant, Marjetica Potrc och Konsthögskolan i Hamburg (HFBK) och Kungl Konsthögskolan i Stockholm, Antonio Scarponi, SymbioLab, and more.

Curators: Po Hagström, Katrin Behdjou Söderlund, Joanna Sandell


Cultivate! Planet Blue / Harvest! Fittja Open 2012
(Performance by Lisa Jeannin, Rolf Schuurmans. Foto: Po Hagström)

Den blå planeten – en grön utställning


Planet Blue, based on the project Power Landscapes, enters its final phase before opening at Botkyrka art hall May 12. Top image: Julia Adzuki plans one of his pieces. Bottom: parts of Antonio Scarponi pieces.

Julia Adzuki joins us in Botkyrka


Julia Adzuki will be part of the project ”formerly known as Power Landscapes” in Botkyrka art hall. She will be involved in several parts of the project but primarily with her piece ”The Two Graces”. (Photo: Julia Adzuki)

Botkyrka art hall building

Today we begin the building of ”Planet Blue” at Botkyrka art hall. inauguration May 12.

Forest garden accepted at Stockholm university!

When the Power Landscapes project began, combined with the NESS conference, at the Stockholm University a year ago, the New Beauty Council and Tillväxt made a proposal: Lets install a forest garden at the campus, which allows students to meet and eat together.
This is now a reality!
As far as I know, Stockholm University will have Stockholms first real forest garden!

New assignement: Curator for Fittja Open 2012

Skärmavbild 2012-02-15 kl. 21.52.51

I will curate Fittja Open together with Joanna Sandell and Katrin Behdjou. I have allways loved the art program in Botkyrka, and it is exciting to combine this with the exhibition Planet Blue. Opening September 2012.

Power Landscapes to Botkyrka art hall

It is now clear that Power Landscapes opens at Botkyrka art hall this spring, one of the most exciting art contexts in Sweden. It opens in the middle of May and run during this summer.

NBC and Tillväxt continues at Stockholm University

The New Beauty Council and Tillväxt continues their project on how to arrange a forest garden at Stockholm campus.

Collaboration with Raketa?

Meeting with Åsa at Raketa regarding a possible collaboration in the Power Landscapes project. I really like Raketa, I do hope we can work together soon.

www.PowerLandscapes.info released

The web page www.powerlandscapes.info is resleased.

Kräppladammen grows

The forestgarden by the pond Kräppladammen in Rågsved has grown with many of the plants that were used at ”Forest Food For Thoughts”. (Photo: Po Hagström)


Stockholm stad Kulturförvaltning fundings

The city of Stockholm has decided to partly finance Power Landscapes.

Innovativ kultur fundings

Innovativ kultur has decided to finance part of Power Landscapes. www.innovativkultur.se

Formas fundings

The Swedish Research Council Formas has decided to finance part of Power Landscapes.

Katja Aglert installation sketch

Katja Aglert has decided upon a technique to present her new video piece ”From The Top Of A Steep Hill” for Power Landscapes. (Illustration: Oskar Aglert)


Food For Thought collaborative text

NBC started their collaborative growing text today, where participants add their text to others regarding forest garden, sustainability, public space, etc. Part of my project Power Landscapes and my text can be read here>>

NBC and Tillväxt open meeting at Stockholm university

Annika Enqvist from The New Beauty Council and Tillväxt arrange an open meeting at the Stockholm university during Earth Week. The purpose is to introduce the forest garden idea for Akademiska hus and interested students - all part of Power Landscapes. (Photo: Po Hagström)


Malthus is alive

Malthus by Antonio Scarponi has been built in Stockholm by artist Ola Nilsson. Ready for transport to Power Landscapes June 13. (Photo: Po Hagström)


Installation Power Landscapes

Location: Aula Magna, Stockholm University In the background: Malthus by Antonio Scarponi In the front: Artist Ola Nilsson who built Malthus, Thérèse Kristiansson from NBC and artist Ulf Lundin who is documenting Katja Aglerts video piece. (Photo: Po Hagström)


Visiting Tillväxt at Kräppladammen

The area around Kräppladammen in Rågsved, Stockholm, is prepared for the plants that we use for Power Landscapes when the art project is done.


Inauguration Day

The 2011 NESS conference with 225 internationall social scientists gather at the Stockholm University to discuss environmental and climate changes. The art project Power Landscapes begins at the same time. ”Malthus” by Antonio Scarponi and ”From The Top Of A Steep Hill” by Katja Aglert are installed on the entrance floor. (Photo: Ulf Lundin)


The New Beauty Council has infiltrated the NESS conference with information, texts and a floor sketch of a forest garden at the Aula Magna gallery. (Photo: Janna Holmstedt)


Forest Food For Thought

The New Beauty Councils picnic event ”Forest Food For Thought” together with Tillväxt provides the conference participants with food, lectures and possibility to add their knowledge to the project.
Tillväxt tells NESS participants about the forest garden. (Photo: Janna Holmstedt)


Power Landscapes #1 ends

Today the conference ends, and the starting point of the art project Power Landscapes was closed. I packed everything and the biggest problem was – what to do with the fish from Scaropni’s Malthus? Too small to eat, too alive to kill. Eventually they got a VIP ride to an aquarium, all by themselves. (Photo: Po Hagström)